How do I join and pay my subscription?

You are welcome to attend ‘two’ club night meetings as our guest, in order to familiarise yourself with the club prior to joining.

We have a number of options should you wish to join the club:

  1. Complete an online membership form and pay via internet banking. The form also includes an option for people who don’t use internet banking.
  2. You can attend a club night, complete a membership form and pay the treasurer on the evening (cash).

Payments via internet banking, can be paid into the following account:  ASB 12-3028-0493197-00. Please include your surname and membership type in the payment details section.

Annual Subscriptions (Junior means under 19):

  • PSNZ members: Single $65, Couple $105, and Junior $40
  • Non-PSNZ* members: Single $70, Couple $115, and Junior $45
  • Seniors $40
  • Referrals $45
  • Part-year subscriptions for people who join after 31 July:
  • PSNZ members: Couple $52.50, and Junior $22.50
  • Non-PSNZ* members: Couple $62.50, and Junior $27.50

* The price difference is due to the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) charging affiliated clubs $5 per annum per member for those members who are not also members of PSNZ.

Annual subscriptions are due by the second Tuesday in February, which is the first club night of the year. If your subscription remains unpaid past this date, any points awarded at the monthly club competitions cannot be accrued towards the annual points competition.

What happens at our photography club?

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month (except January) at 7:30 pm. Members Photos –  both digital and print, are displayed for all to view.  At this stage, the author of each image is unknown.

Members can enter up to three photos each month. There are two sections – Set & Open. The ‘Set Subject’ is known prior to club night and members are able to choose whether they enter their 3 images ‘all’ in that month’s Set Subject; ‘all’ in Open Subject; or any blend of the two. We tend to finish around 9:30-10:00 pm, but feel free to leave earlier if required.

A visiting judge comments on each photo and awards a grade; the idea being that we can ‘all’ learn from the judge’s comments. It’s a friendly competition and members are not obliged to enter photos. Afterwards there’s time for a cuppa and a chat.  A camera is not required for this night.

We also endeavour to arrange occasional field trips and workshops (learning opportunities).

Is it necessary to have an expensive camera and be an “expert”?

Certainly not. In photography we are always learning, this means that everyone is at different points on the same road, and in a club situation, you can learn from those who are further along than you are. You can purchase a second-hand camera for less than $50 that will provide good image quality (if you choose well).  Photography is about ‘art’, not technicalities. Many famous photographs have far lower image quality than is seen in the shots produced by modern point-and-shoot cameras, and these famous photos are popular because content is king. Expensive cameras do have their advantages, but they’re not essential.

What is the procedure for entering photos into the monthly competition?

Click here to download the instructions.

Our constitution

Click here to download our constitution.

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