June 2017

June 2017

Set: Two Colours


Dreamtime by Pauline Muir, Set Image of the Night

Cheers by Bryan Lay Yee

Black and Shades of Green by Allysa Carberry

Mantis on Tomato by Bryan Lay Yee

Maraetai Dawn by John Gregory

Misty Morning by Amanda Beets

Night at the Museum by Sandra Hiscock

Ready and Waiting by Tony Smith

Red and Yellow By Allysa Carberry

Rustic Jetty by Mary-Anne Lenny

Set Highly Commended

Atomic Ant by Chris Jaggs

Capsicums by Pauline Smith

Evening Solitude by Ross Muir,

Flower for My Hair by Nive Stowers

Lavender by Margaret Penney

Manicure by Ross Muir

Pastel Sunset by Bryan Lay Yee

Play Me a Song by Nive Stowers

Side by Side by John Penney

Temple Choir by John Penney



Boom! by Mary-Anne Lenny, Open Image of the Night

Australian Outback by Pauline Smith

Craig by Allysa Carberry

Game Face by Lynn Fothergill

Green to Flowers by Theresa

Lady of the Night by Pauline Smith

Lake Marian by John Gregory

Leah Dawn by Lynn Fothergill

On the Bench by Margaret Penney

On the Overnight Bus by Lynn Fothergill

Port Taranaki by John Penney

Roadtrip Sunset by Amanda Beets

Sheer Bliss by Tony Smith

Open Highly Commended

Egeskov Castle, Denmark by Sandra Hiscock

Flax Flower by Sandra Hiscock

Monarch Butterfly by Bev Hyde

No Title by Amanda Beets

No Title by Theresa

Standing Tall by Theresa

That Tree by John Gregory

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