Gallery for September 2017




Untitled-3 by David Smith


Untitled-2 by David Smith,

Twins-2 by Allysa Carberry


Elaynah by Allysa Carberry

Cliche Auckland Photography Shot by Emma Joyce

Anniversary Day by Tony Smith

Bubble Jade by Tina Pakipaki,


Highly Commended

Pepe by Nive Stowers

Untitled-1 by David Smith

Skater Girl by Emma Joyce

Sacre-Coeur Basilica by Sandra Hiscock

Chilling Out by Theresa Simson

Room Available at the Mausoleum by John Penney

Regal Eagle by Chris Jaggs


Rainy Day Blues by Bryan Lay Yee


Portrait of a Harley Rider by John Penney


  Panting for Action by Theresa Simson


Old Windows by Nive Stowers

Old Man by Sandra Hiscock


Old Dredge Driving Wheels by Linda Thorne

Mr Plod – Looking at You by Pauline Smith


Morning Frost by Ross Muir


Midnight Rose by Ross Muir

Inside Silo Six by Bryan Lay Yee


Herne by Chris Jaggs

Competing for the Ball by Lynn Fothergill

  Carousel by Chris Jaggs

Beach Boy by Tina Pakipaki

Baby Girl Takes on Ocean by Tina Pakipaki




Blowin’ in the Wind by Pauline Smith

  Windswept by John Gregory

Stop the Bus by John Penney

Spring at Last by Tony Smith

Okarito Creek by John Gregory

High Tea Tryptych by Pauline Smith

Brothers by Emma Diack


Highly Commended
Sunset over Tairua by Allysa Carberry
My Turn Next by Lynn Fothergill
Graceful Gold by Theresa Simson
Kowhai Gold by Bryan Lay Yee
Katie by Lynn Fothergill
  Falls Creek by John Gregory
Cosmos by Margaret Penney
Celebrating by Margaret Penney
Autumn Tones by Pauline Muir



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