Gallery for July 2017

July 2017

Set: Auckland


Winter Gardens by Pauline Muir

Go Auckland by Theresa

 Mangere Esplanade by Tina Pakipaki

Sky City by Bryan Lay Yee

Rainbows End by Nive Stowers

At the Bus Stop by Margaret Penney

Manukau Harbour Sunset by Linda Thorne


Bridge Lights by Sandra Hiscock

Home of Yachts by Theresa Simson

Auckland Town Hall Inside and Out by Margaret Penney

Crystal Clear by Sandra Hiscock

Despair by Ross Muir, Set Highly Commended

Family Outing at Wintergardens by Allysa Carberry

Huia Cafe & Store by Linda Thorne

Press to Cross by Margaret Penney

The Game by Allysa Carberry

Silo Park by Chris Jaggs, Set Highly Commended

Sunday at the Wintergardens by Lynn Fothergill

The Changing Face of Auckland by Bryan Lay Yee



Lotus by Pauline Muir

Kaimanawa Mare and Foal by Lynn Fothergill

Celosias by Pauline Smith

Jade by Allysa Carberry

The Cup by Tony Smith, Open Honours


An Evening Paddle by John Penney

Kaimanawa Mare by Mary-Anne Lenny

Otira Highway by John Gregory

Way Out by Bryan Lay Yee

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