Feb 2018

Set – Two together


Twins by Allysa Carberry, Set Image of the Night, Feb 2018


Open Wide by Sheree Anderton


Old Friends by Bryan Lay Yee


Lined Up by Theresa Simson



   Street Brothers by Lynn Fothergill



Asleep Side by Side by Theresa Simson


Kea Feeding Time by Sandra Hiscock


   Two as One by Bryan Lay Yee


Eclipsed by Linda Thorne


Big Bills by Chris Jaggs


Another Rainy Day at the Zoo by Linda Thorne


Brother & Sister by Allysa Carberry


Highly Commended


Train Built for Two by Emma Diack,


Not in Czech Republic Anymore by Emma Diack


Two Horse-power by Theresa Simson


Motherly Love by Nive Stowers


Two Waiting for Dinner by Judy Firkins


Moses & Benji by Emma Diack


   I Love this Little Guy by Nive Stowers


  Dangerously Close by Pauline Smith


  Big Brother is Listening by Bryan Lay Yee

Thanks Dear by Sheree Anderton

I’ve got your back Gullfriend by Sheree Anderton




King Penguins, Aptenodytes patagoncius by Pauline Smith,Image of the night


Gannet on the WIng by Lynn Fothergill

Nate by Allysa Carberry

Classic Taj Mahal by Lynn Fothergill

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