June 2018



From My Garden by Margaret Penney,


Silent Watcher by Alexandra Thiel


Reflecting Notes by Sheree Anderton


Painted Flowers by Margaret Penney


One Foggy Morning by David Smith


Locked In by Linda Thorne


Let’s Dance by Treena Burnie


Let’s Dance by Treena Burnie


Highly Commended

Stepping Out by Bryan Lay Yee

Poppy by Margaret Penney

Painted Sky by Linda Thorne

New Worlds by Chris Jaggs

Love is in the Air by Treena Burnie

Implosion by Sheree Anderton

Fern Cascade by Lynn Fothergill

Delicate Beauty by Alexandra Thiel

Dark Heart by Linda Thorne

Camouflaged by Sheree Anderton



Proud Mumma by Allysa Carberry


Free to Be by Lynn Fothergill


Dad Jokes in the Spa by Emma Diack


Autumn Reflection by Sandra Hiscock


Autumn Colours by Alexandra Thiel

Highly Commended

The Bride by Allysa Carberry


Meeting a Real Hero by Emma Diack


Lily by Nive Stowers


Kayd by Allysa Carberry


Heading Home by Sandra Hiscock


Eat your Greens by Treena Burnie


Circus Artistes by David Smith

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