November 2017




Set Image of the Night

Eyes on the Prize by Bryan Lay Yee

Synchronised by Ross Muir

Scary Jump by Bryan Lay Yee

  Bungy by Allysa Carberry

Piha Champs by Tony Smith

Back Straight at Pukekohe in the Rain by Pauline Smith

Calm in the Face of Danger by Emma Diack

Soaring Gannet by Bruce Tudor

Highly Commended

Wheelchair Tennis by Allysa Carberry

  Sunday Escapades by Tina Pakipaki

  Almost Home by Bryan Lay Yee



Open Image of the Night

Touching Up by Lynn Fothergill

The Gay Parade by Pauline Smith

Standing Proud by Pauline Muir

One Foot at a Time by Theresa Simson

Mystical Mycena by Ross Muir

Just Resting by David Smith

Evening Storm coming in over Rangitoto by Pauline Smith

Sadhu by Lynn Fothergill

Grumpy Gwen by Tony Smith

Highly Commended

Steampunk by Bruce Tudor

Rural Town Residential by John Penney

Rose by Sandra Hiscock

Parasol for a Buddha by David Smith

Mountain to Lake by Theresa Simson

Grace by Allysa Carberry

Gorse by Theresa Simson

Evening Blooms by Pauline Muir

Blessing by David Smith

Alone with God in Outback Chapel by John Penney

Woman at the Window by Lynn Fothergill

  The Tie that Binds by Ross Muir

You Light up My Life by Emma Diack

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