Natural History


  1. Entries are to be digital and must be sent to by ……..
  2. Members may enter up to 10 images and they must be taken in New
    Zealand. Images may have been entered in other competitions,
    including club night competitions, but may not have been in the top 6
    of previous MPS NZ Natural History competitions and may not have
    been selected for any Trenna Packer Salver Natural History
  3. Digital images should be saved as for our club nights – 1920 x 1080.
  4. Titles as follows – MPS_NH20_1_Joe_Handsome_Scientific_Name_and/or
    Common name.jpg. No descriptive names allowed eg. Seal at Play.
  5. A judge has been appointed to select the top images for our club
    competition. The top image will be awarded the MPS Natural History
    Cup, donated by John and Margaret Penney. A set will also be
    selected from entries for our club’s entry in the Nature Photography
    Society of New Zealand Trenna Packer Natural History competition. The
    winning images will not necessarily form part of the Trenna Packer entry
    and creating a cohesive set is paramount.
  6. Entrants should abide by the following PSNZ Nature Definition and
    Guidelines, and the Nature Code of Conduct Briefly no inclusion of
    evidence of the hand of man, no pets or caged creatures. The
    definition does include birds, fungi, sea creatures, animals, forests and
    vegetation and natural landscapes.
  7. All images remain the property of the photographer.
  8. A prize awards presentation evening will be held on …………….

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