April 2018




Set Image of the Night

Hot Dog by Linda Thorne

Fred by Pauline Smith

Cheeky at the Beach by Bryan Lay Yee

Walkies Time by Treena Burnie

Charley, Ambush Predator by Bryan Lay Yee

  Lulu by Linda Thorne

Billy by Sheree Anderton

Highly Commended

Cheeky by Bryan Lay Yee

Salem by Sheree Anderton

Reject Cop Dog by Tina Pakipaki

Impressionistic Dog by Margaret Penney

Freddie by Sheree Anderton

At Attention by Tina Pakipaki

Sun Lover by Linda Thorne

Sharing a Secret by Sandra Hiscock



Open Image of the Night

Dust Palace Artistes by David Smith

You Crack Me Up by Treena Burnie

Wine Glass Reflections by Margaret Penney

Coloured for Flight by Theresa Simson

The Potter by David Smith

Bath Time by Nive Stowers

The Man by Allysa Carberry

Raindrops and Bubbles by Lynn Fothergill

Butterfly Mealtime by Theresa Simson

Boy by Lynn Fothergill

Highly Commended

Waipu Cove Stream by David Smith

Roses by Margaret Penney

Rider at the Beach by John Penney

Kiwi Blokes by Allysa Carberry

Enjoying the Berries by Pauline Smith

After the Wedding by Emma Diack

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