October 2018

Set – In my own Backyard / Garden


Forget Me Not by Margaret Penney, Set Image of the Night

Close Encounter by Bryan Lay Yee

 Swarm by Bryan Lay Yee

Senecio serpens Flowers by Pauline Smith

Just a Simple Rose by Alexandra Thiel

Delicious and Beautiful by Alexandra Thiel

highly commended

Wisteria by Margaret Penny

Swallow over our Pond by Emma Diach

Sunset from our Deck by Theresa

Peekaboo by Sheree Anderton

Mid Waterfight Conference by Emma Diack\

Inside View by Theresa Simson

I’m Hiding by Chris Jagga

Hover-Fly by Chris Jaggs

Cheeky Monkey on the Slide by Sheree Anderton

Bullseye by Sheree Anderton

After the Rain by Bev Hyde

After the Rain by Alexandra Thiel

A Proud Sparrow by Nive Stowers

A Backyard Beauty by Nive Stowers




Autumn Leaves by John Penney – Open image of the night

 The Beach All My Own by John Penney

Restless Sea, Muriwai by Bryan Lay Yee

Tilly in Winter by Lynn Fothergill

Mangakotukutuku Falls by Linda Thorne

Mack by Lynn Fothergill

Landscape Fog by Margaret Penney

La Boca by Pauline Smith

Augi by Allysa Carberry


highly commended

The Thinker by David Smith

The Introduction by Allysa Carberry

Surfs Up by John Penney

Pasta by David Smith

Muriwai by Linda Thorne

Kayaker by Bev Hyde

Jump! by Lynn Fothergill

Feathered Friend by Treena Burnie

Domestic Bliss by Linda Thorne

Blue Shutters by David Smith

Apollo Fishing in the Mist by Pauline Smith

Across the Water at Highbrook by Emma Diack

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