November 2018




Set Image of the Night

Falls Gold by Chris Jaggs, Set Image of the Night

Drenched in Gold by Sandra Hiscock

Feather-like Petals by Theresa Simson

Frosty Morning by Bryan Lay Yee

No Title 1 by Linda Thorne

No Title 3 by Linda Thorne

On Fire by Margaret Penney

Plums by Sheree Anderton

Winter on Ruapehu by Bryan Lay Yee

Highly Commended

Autumn Leaves by Margaret Penney

A Barrow of Leaves by Pauline Smith

Bill and Ben by Sheree Anderton

Colours of Autumn by Bryan Lay Yee

Feeding Time by Sheree Anderton

No Title 2 by Linda Thorne

Papaver nudicaule by Bev Hyde

Poppy by Nive Stowers

Winter Wood by Chris Jaggs



Open Image of the Night

Springtime is Here by Pauline Smith

Beginning of the Day by John Penney

Bluebells by Pauline Smith

Camera shy by Treena Burnie

Kenzey by Allysa Carberry

Leila by Allysa Carberry

  Surfing Buddies by Alexandra Thiel

Highly Commended

Summer is Sunflower Time by John Penney

Roadside View by Margaret Penney

Breakfast on Deck by Nive Stowers

All Flock to the Taj Mahal by Lynn Fothergill

Tree Walk by Treena Burnie

The General by Alexandra Thiel

   Mountain and Lake by Theresa Simson

Mack and Tosh by Lynn Fothergill

I See You by Treena Burnie

Cosmos Bee by John Penney

Bored Housewife by Lynn Fothergill

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