MPS Competition –  April 2023

N.B. You must be a financial member before you can enter any club competitions.

The next competition night is 7:30pm, Tuesday 11 April 2023.

This will be a Zoom meeting.

This competition will be Digital only.

A total of up to three images may be submitted each month. The entered images may be all set subject, all open subject, or a combination of both.

The close off date for the registration of digital images is midnight Sunday 2 April 2023.

It would be appreciated if entrants ensure their entries are formatted correctly and registered by the close off date.


The set subject for April is Patterns of Nature  and the judge is Sheryl Williams.

MPS Club Definition: Patterns of Nature
Patterns in nature are visible regularities of form found in the natural world. Its elements repeat themselves in a predictable way e.g. shapes, colours, lines and textures.

Digital Registration

Digital images must be emailed to by midnight on Sunday 2 April 2023.

The email’s subject line should be in this format:

MPS Comp – APR23_Digital

The author must include “COMPETITION USE ONLY” in the body of the email if he or she does not want the image(s) to be displayed on the MPS website and in the club’s newsletter (see “Use of Members’ Images” below).

The author must include “Newcomer”  in the body of the email if he or she is a Newcomer.

Colour Space: sRGB

File Type: JPG

Image size: no more than 1920 pixels wide and no more than 1080 pixels high.

The file name of each entry must be in one of these formats:

Set Subject:      S_MMMYY_Number_Name_Title

Open Subject:  O_MMMYY_Number_Name_Title

E.g., if two images are being entered into the Set Subject competition they must be named in this manner:

S_APR23_1_Joe Bloggs_Black Sky

S_APR23_2_Joe Bloggs_No Title

Use of Members’ Images

Entering an image (print or digital) into a MPS competition or into an external competition via MPS grants the club permission to publicly display that image at MPS meetings for the purposes of competition and recognising good work. 

MPS wants to display those images which are awarded Honours and Highly Commended on the MPS website and in the club’s newsletter. Submitting a digital competition entry or a digital version of a print entry to MPS grants the club permission to display that image on the MPS website and in the club’s newsletter unless the member opts out by including “COMPETITION USE ONLY” in the body of the email that submits the image.

Any other use of a member’s image will only occur with the prior permission of the author, e.g. club representation in external competitions.

Images will remain the property of their author at all times and the author will be acknowledged on the MPS website and in the club’s newsletter if his or her images appear in those publications.


Members who have questions should contact

Further information can be found on the club website:

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