April 2017




Set Image of the Night

Mangawhai Stairways by Nive Stowers

Poppy Shadows by Margaret Penney

Highly Commended

Children Playing with Shadows by Margaret Penney
Daffodils in Vase by Bryan Lay Yee
Drifting Shadow by Theresa
R 22 Robbie by Tony Smith
Singapore Crossing by John Gregory
Swinging High Swinging Low by Nive Stowers
Window Shadows by M Lenny
Strength by Amanda Beets




Open Image of the Night

The Elegant Heron by Lynn Fothergill

Please Stop by Tony Smith

Opening to Light by Theresa

Kingfisher, Halcyon sancta by Pauline Smith

Sunset on the Tussock

Highly Commended

Castle Point Lighthouse by David Smith

Church of the Good Shepherd by John Gregory

Dawn Ohope by Tony Smith

Ed with Lemon by David Smith

Flying Away by M Lenny

Igauzu Falls Midnight by M Lenny

Peaceful by Pauline Smith

Pukeko by John Gregory

Rural Sunrise by John Penney

Shades of Hitchcock by Pauline Smith

The Golden Years by Bryan Lay Yee

Tennis with One Leg by Allysa Carberry

Waterslide by Amanda Beets

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