Salon 2017

Gold, Salon 2017

Untitled 2 by David Smith,


Silver, Salon 2017

Walking Among Giants by Bryan Lay Yee,


Bronze, Salon 2017

Mangawhai Stairways by Nive Stowers,



Highly Commended

Black Pearls by Pauline Muir,


Chilling Out by Theresa Simson


Grumpy Gwen by Tony Smith


The Bee by John Gregory


Serena in Action by Lynn Fothergill


Oh Be Quiet by Lynn Fothergill,



Droplets by Pauline Smith

Mighty Erin by Nive Stowers


Looking Up by John Penney


Heart of Flame by Bryan Lay Yee


  Green to Flowers by Theresa Simson


The Magic Half Hour by Tony Smith

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