May 2017

May 2017

Set: Macro


Moss Seed Pod with Waterdrops by Pauline Smith

Calla Lily by Lynn Fothergil

Cape Gooseberry by Margaret Penney

Magnolia by Margaret Penney,

Monarch Butterfly by Sandra Hiscock

Monarch Caterpillars by Nive Stowers

Up Close to Derelict House by John Penney

Monarch Chrysalis by Nive Stowers

Pukeko Scavenging on Eel by Lynn Fothergill

Praying Mantis & Tomato by Bryan Lay

Tangled by Chris Jaggs

The Bee by John Gregory

Heart of Gold by Sandra Hiscock

Highly Commended

Agave by Amanda Beets

Bumble Bee by Sandra Hiscock

Cacti by Allysa Carberry

Flower by Allysa Carberry, Set Highly

Hand Landing by Chris Jaggs

Heart of Flame by Bryan Lay Yee,

Mighty Erin by Nive Stowers

Rush Hour by Tony Smith

The Stand Off by Tony Smith

Unfolding by Theresa

Water Droplet by Mary-Anne Lenny



OPEN IMAGE OF THE NIGHT – Oh Be Quiet by Lynn Fothergill

1940 Willy’s Pickup Truck by Pauline Smith

Almost Drifting Wood by Tina Pakipaki,

Autumn Leaf Explosion by John Penney,

St Bathans by Mary-Anne Lenny

The Magic Half Hour by Tony Smith

White Heron, Ardea modesta by Pauline Smith

Highly Commended

Boy and Uke vs the Storm by Tina Pakipaki

Alone at Sea by John Gregory

Loretta by Allysa Carberry

Galactic Core Rising by John Gregory

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