August 2018


Detailed and/or Delicate


Image of the night

Pink Blossom by Bryan Lay Yee


The Beautiful Camellia by Theresa Simson


Copper Butterfly on Purple Dahlia by Linda Thorne


Unveiled by Linda Thorne


Tropical Flower by David Smith


  Shaking his Tail Feathers by Treena Burnie


Rose by Treena Burnie


Robber Fly by David Smith


Quite Delicate for a Weed… by Alexandra Thiel


  Mini Mushies by Sheree Anderton


Koru – New Life by Theresa Simson


Inside Jacob’s Ladder by Bryan Lay Yee


Delicate Daisy by Margaret Penney


highly Commended

Threads by Chris Jaggs


Pretty in Pink by Sandra Hiscock


1, 2, 3, Jump by Nive Stowers


Orb Weaver Spider by David Smith


Natures Love for Detail by Alexandra Thiel


Giraffes Rewired by Sandra Hiscock


Early Morning Work by Judy Firkins


Boss Baby by Tina Pakipaki

University Clock Tower by Bryan Lay Yee




A Man and his Dog by Pauline Smith


The Cowboy by Allysa Carberry


Swallow by Emma Diack


‘Ms Gumdrop’ by Lynn Fothergill


Lucy at Pauanui by Emma Diack


highly Commended What a Lovely Wee Chap by Alexandra Thiel

Comin’ Down the Mountain by Theresa Simson


Sitting Pretty by Lynn Fothergill


Over the Hill by Tina Pakipaki


Millie by Allysa Carberry


Man and his Dog by Sandra Hiscock


Descending by Margaret Penney


Siblings by Lynn Fothergill




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