March 2018





Busted by Bryan Lay Yee

 Unloved by Linda Thorne

Timeless by Sandra Hiscock

Ratana Church, Raetihi 2012 by Bryan Lay Yee


O’Neill’s Shack by Sheree Anderton


Moeraki Reject by Chris Jaggs


Cracked under Pressure by Treena Burnie


BeBe the Tractor by Sheree Anderton

Highly Commended

Smash Palace by Linda Thorne


Sinking Boat by Nive Stowers


Ravages of Time by Treena Burnie


Mahurangi Cement Works by Sheree Anderton


Macarons by Pauline Smith


Long Gone by Linda Thorne


Going Nowhere by Theresa Simson


Contained by Chris Jaggs


Bushman’s Hideaway


Broken and Abandoned by Allysa Carberry


Bite by Bite by Treena Burnie



Giving Change by David Smith, Open Image of the Night

Hydrangea by Margaret Penney

Young Girl with Cup by Lynn Fothergill


Woof by David Smith


Waiting for the Train by David Smith


The Falls by Emma Joyce


Standing Proud by Margaret Penney


Mothers Bible by Pauline Smith


Mezzanine Floor by John Penney


  Early Morning Lenticular Cloud over Central Plateau by Lynn Fothergill

Highly Commended

Tui in Kowhai by Bryan Lay Yee


Secrets between Siblings by Tina Pakipaki


Marokopa by Emma Joyce


Hand in Hand by Pauline Smith,


Decadent by Margaret Penney,


Daddy and Daughter by Lynn Fothergill,


City Lifestyle by Theresa Simson

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