August 2017


Patterns and Lines


Set Image of the Night

Nature’s Lace Patterns by Lynn Fothergill

Architecture by Sandra Hiscock

Dark Forest by Bryan Lay Yee

House Patterns by Pauline Smith

Lines of Light by Lynn Fothergill

  Many Lines by Allysa CarberryMany Lines by Allysa Carberry

Patterns & Lines by Allysa Carberry

Reflecting on the Past by Ross Muir

Starburst by Pauline Muir

Thames Wharf by John Penney

Walking Among Giants by Bryan Lay Yee

Where Land Meets Sea by John Gregory

 St Mathews by Emma Joyce

Natural Patterns by Amanda Beets

 Highly Commended

Building Lines by Margaret Penney

Greenline by Chris Jaggs

Hotel by Margaret Penney

Hunderwasser Lines and Patterns by Judy Firkins

Fronting Up by Theresa Simson

Circle of Stripes by Theresa Simson

Lines of Vines by Chris Jaggs

Neon by Pauline Muir

Onehunga Pile Up by Tony Smith

Pile on Pylons by Tina Pakipaki

Repetitive Patterns by Judy Firkins

Sagrada Familia by Sandra Hiscock

Swaying Palm by Nive Stowers

Treeline by Chris Jaggs

Web of Life by David Barclay

Winning Flags by Nive Stowers

Yummy by John Penney



Open Image of the Night

I’m Just a Lonely Boy by Pauline Smith

Explore by Amanda Beets

Hydrangea by Margaret Penney

Queenstown Valley by John Gregory

Sun Setting on Kohekohe Church

The Dancer by Allysa Carberry

Wild Kaimanawa Horse on a Frosty Morn by Lynn Fothergill

Winter Sunset by Pauline Smith

 Highly Commended

A Quiet Day at the Beach by John Penney

Counting the Cost by Ross Muir,

Marlborough Sounds by Tony Smith

Martins Bay Lodge by John Gregory

Piranha by Sandra Hiscock

Storybook by Amanda Beets

Three Mountains; Taranaki, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe by Mary-Anne Lenny

Tui by Tony Smith

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