May 2018


At Work


Set Image of the Night

Cowherd by David Smith

 Wet Work by Bryan Lay Yee

Train Station Book Seller by Lynn Fothergill

Helping Daddy at Work by Allysa Carberry

Cool Dude by Nive Stowers

A Different Kind of Work by Allysa Carberry

Lineman by Bryan Lay Yee

Highly Commended

Bronze Worker by David Smith

Buzy Bee by Linda Thorne

Fish Fingers by Chris Jaggs

Fish Market by Bryan Lay Yee

Going to Market by Chris Jaggs

Hard at Work by Allysa Carberry

I’m Watching by Nive Stowers

Making Chocolate by Judy Firkins

Pampered Pooch by Sandra Hiscock

Safety First by Sheree Anderton

Stacking Firewood by Tina Pakipaki

Street Shave by Lynn Fothergill

Take a Break by Sheree Anderton

Taronga Zoo Bird Show by Sandra Hiscock

Time for a Change by Sheree Anderton



Open Image of the Night

Boy by David Smith

Busy Bee by Theresa Simson

Flowers by Sandra Hiscock

Green Shield Beetle by Pauline Smith

Hands Up by Pauline Smith

My Little Corner of the World by Pauline Smith

Nuclear Family Beach Day by Tina Pakipaki

Poppies by Margaret Penney

Shadow and Door Reflections by Margaret Penney

Tui by Linda Thorne

Highly Commended

Colours of the Takahe by Lynn Fothergill

Fancy Feathers by Treena Burnie

Lookout Duty by Treena Burnie

Old Age by Margaret Penney

Quiet Day on Mainstreet by John Penney

Stonewalled Sunset by Tina Pakipaki

Colourful Pair by Theresa Simson

The Red Racer by Treena Burnie

Wax-eye by Linda Thorne

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