Salon 2022

This year’s Salon, on Tuesday 13 December will be judged by David Smith.

Members may enter up to any 10 images which have achieved Honours or Highly Commended on club night meetings during the year. Images must be resubmitted exactly as presented at club night; no alterations are permissible.

The Salon will be in 4 sections:

Open Digital (projected)

Portrait (projected)

Landscape (projected)

Open Print (print)

Up to 10 images can be entered in each section.

An image can be entered in one section only, at the author’s discretion. For example, an image may be entered in Landscape but cannot also be entered in Open Digital.

Highly Commended and Honours will be awarded, with the top Open, Portrait, Landscape and Print images winning the respective cups.

Gold, Silver and Bronze will then be chosen from any of the above sections.

Print format:

  • Prints are to have a minimum size of 200 x 150mm (A5) and a maximum size of 500 x 400mm.
  • Prints are to be mounted on firm card or similar material having a minimum size of 200 x 150mm (A5) and a maximum size of 500 x 400mm. Framed and/or glass covered prints are not acceptable.
  • Prints may be professionally or home processed.
  • Print Naming: Prints to be labelled on the back with; Author’s name and the chosen title or ”No Title”
  • Arrangement will be made to collect hard copy print entries for delivery to the judge.

Images are to be renamed and numbered according to the section entered:

Open – OD22_1_Joe Bloggs_Title

Portrait – P22_1_Joe Bloggs_Title

Landscape – L22_1_Joe Bloggs_Title

 Print – OP22_1_Joe Bloggs_Title

Images, including those entered for the Print Cup must be emailed to

Entries must be in by Sunday 13 November.

NB. Late entries will not be accepted.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Bryan at

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