Set Subjects – 2023

Landscape – Tuesday 14 February

Entry Deadline – Sunday 05 February ~ Judge – Brian Eastwood

Photographs which capture a sense of “space” and “place” tell a story of the scene before the camera.  While a prominent feature of the image should be a landform, it can include where the land meets the sea, river or lake showing some representation of both land and water. It does not include cityscapes.

The image may include human elements for scale and context but not to the extent that they become the prominent element. Creative enhancement of the image is acceptable provided that the resulting image still reflects the essential story of what is seen in that landscape.

Architecture – Tuesday 14 March

Entry Deadline – Sunday 05 March ~ Judge – Robin Short

Architectural photography focuses on manmade structures. It includes building exteriors and interiors, as well as bridges, other structures, and cityscapes. Shooting architectural details, doorways, windows, chimney pots etc is another approach.

Patterns in Nature – Tuesday 11 April

Entry Deadline – Sunday 02 April ~ Judge – Sheryl Williams

Patterns in nature are visible regularities of form found in the natural world. Its elements repeat themselves in a predictable way e.g. shapes, colours, lines and textures.

Food – Tuesday 09 May

Entry Deadline – Sunday 23 April ~ Judge – Irene Callaghan

Photography that focuses on food, or uses food as a photographic subject in its expression of a non-food related idea. Traditionally thought to be limited to carefully composed tabletop still life, the styles, forms, and uses of food photography have become as expansive as any genre.

Portrait – Tuesday 13 June

Entry Deadline – Sunday 04 June ~ Judge – Tony Gorham

Photographs of single human subjects or groups e.g. babies, children, parents, grand- parents, families. Animals; wild, zoo, farm and domestic animals are also included.

Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, character of your subject.

Negative Space – Tuesday 11 July

Entry Deadline – Sunday 02 July ~ Judge – David Smith

Negative space photography emphasises not just the subject, but the empty space around the subject. The viewer’s eyes may be drawn to a central figure, but they can’t help noticing the large section of emptiness that surrounds and defines that figure. The emptiness (whatever form it takes) gives definition and emphasis to the subject.

Reflections – Tuesday 08 August

Entry Deadline – Sunday 30 July ~ Judge – Lee Riley

Reflection photos refer to any shot, no matter what type of photography genre, that uses a reflective surface; a landscape with a mountain duplicated in the still water of a lake, an image of a city captured on the shiny surface of a skyscraper is, the city skyline captured in a puddle on a footpath, even a self-portrait snapped in a shop window is a type of reflective photography.

Minimalist – Tuesday 12 September

Entry Deadline – Sunday 03 September ~ Judge – Karen Lawton

Minimalist photography is about stripping a subject down to its essence. Create photos that remove everything superfluous to leave only the essential compositional elements in the frame. Less is more.

Silhouettes – Tuesday 10 October

Entry Deadline – Sunday 01 October ~ Judge – Cushla Moorehead

A silhouette is an image of a subject represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, with the edges matching the outline of subject. The emphasis is on the outline, the interior is basically featureless with little or no detail.

Silhouettes are typically photographed with the subject against a light and/or bright background. Sunrises and sunsets, brightly lit doorways and windows, street lights and even TV light, any can be used to create the backlit effect.

ICM – Tuesday 14 November

Entry Deadline – Sunday 05 November ~ Judge – Christopher Parkin

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography is an abstract style of shooting where moving your camera over a long exposure as the image is taken creates motion blur. Shake, sweep, zoom, swing and/or rotate the camera body.

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