Set subjects

Image sizes for digital entries have changed: now they are to be no more than 1920 pixels wide and no more than 1080 pixels high. Click here to learn more.

Set Subjects for 2018:

February: Two Together
March: Broken
April: Pets
May: At Work
June: Creative
July: Travel with Passport
August: Detailed and/or Delicate
September: Water
October: In My Own Backyard/Garden
November: Seasonal
December: Salon. All images that have received honours at a club night will automatically be put forward for judging. In addition to this we invite members to re-submit up to 3 images that they feel may have been harshly judged and/or are personal favourites. They must be submitted exactly as entered, i.e. with no further editing or adjustments, and they must have been entered in a 2016 club night for judging.