Set subjects

Set Subjects for 2020

Images are to be no more than 1920 pixels wide and no more than 1080 pixels high.

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It is important to realise that every photographer may interpert each subject quite differently to the next person. The definitons below are therefore very brief, and are only to be used as a guideline……

FEBRUARY       Landscape: Feb 11th

MPS Club Landscape Definition:
The club's applicable definition of a Landscape for this purpose is as follows: “While a prominent feature of the image should be a landform, this definition does include where the land meets the sea /ocean or lake. Images can therefore show some representation of both land and water. It does not include Cityscapes.”

MARCH             Songs/Rhymes/Poems: March 10th

Photographs inspired by or depicting a song, rhyme or poem.

APRIL                Eyes: April 14th

Eyes should be the dominant part of the image. They could be the eyes of an animal, human or otherwise

MAY                   Man-made Structures: May 12th

Any structure created by humans, as opposed to a natural structure e.g. a drinking vessel, a bridge or building, a motor vehicle.

JUNE                  Portrait: June 9th

MPS Club Portrait Definition:
“ Photographs of single subject or group portraiture for example babies, children, parents, grand- parents, families, Zoo, farm and domestic animals”

JULY                  Numbers are Everywhere: July 14th

Numbers could be written numerals or numbers of things e.g. car number plates, dozens of buttons, letterboxes.

AUGUST           Odd Couples: Aug 11th

Unusual pairs e.g. an elephant and mouse, cheetah and tortoise, or a couple of very different people; tall and short, thin and fat, rich and poor.

SEPTEMBER    Night: Sept 8th

Photographs captured indoors or outdoors at night, between dusk and dawn e.g. city lights, stars, a lit candle.

OCTOBER         Water: Oct 13th

Water should be the main subject e.g. children playing under a hose, crashing waves, a dripping tap, a close up of a water drop.

NOVEMBER     Action Shots: Nov 10th

An image that shows someone or something in motion. The world is full of movement. Record a blurred image to convey the impression of motion, or 'freeze' the image to capture a moment in time e.g. racing cars, dogs playing on a beach, a person leaping into a pool.

DECEMBER      Salon: Dec 8th

NOTE:  For the Salon, images must be submitted exactly as entered, i.e. with no further editing or adjustments, and they must have been entered in a 2020 club night for judging.

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